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What is KrunkFit?


The KrunkFit Difference

Persons who attend KrunkFit come from all walks of life. Professionals, moms, dads, students and retired individuals all come together for great camaraderie. KrunkFit provides a harassment free environment full of positive and laughs. Come meet a fitness friend today!


     KrunkFit, LLC, founded in 2017, is the original idea of Wendy. She began KrunkFit after friends and fellow fitness enthusiast urged her to begin a class which focused on total body fitness. Wendy has a positive nature and enjoys movement of all kinds. You will find this in her classes which, as she states, works everything from the chin to the toes. Your goals become her goals and in exchange, her drive becomes your drive. She's simply a full-time mom and educator who has a life-long love for fitness.

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