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     KrunkFit, LLC has partnered with The Ford Seasons Catering to provide meal prep services for KrunkFit, LLC members! Ranging from healthy based to convenience based options with two convenient pick up days at The Lot. Great workouts and delicious meals, all in one place!

The Ford Seasons Catering 

     As stated on The Ford Season Catering, Arkansas Native, Monique Ford, combines her passion for cooking and her love for people as the motivation behind The Ford Seasons Catering. For years her family has come together to provide home-cooked meals for friends and family after the loss of a loved one. The responses of gratitude and appreciation from the families that received the meals are what makes her want to offer this service on a broader spectrum. Adding meal service for weddings, anniversaries and any other life celebrations is also a need Monique is happy to meet. We are excited to pair with her to receive services for KrunkFit members as we place our health top of the 2023 priority list. 


Meal Prep Options Made Simple

     A variety of meal prep options will be available for members, freshly prepared for pickup twice a week. Meals range from healthy-based to convenience based options. This means that whether you're looking for healthy options to manage weight goals or are looking for quick, delicious options for a tight schedule, there will be options for you!


Two Meal Prep Deadlines & 2 Pick Up Options

     Meal prep options must be selected by 12 pm on Sunday and by 12 pm  Wednesday, each week. Pick up will be during class time-frames on Monday (5:00 pm - 7:00 pm) and Thursday (5:00 pm - 7:00 pm). Be sure to follow Instagram and/or Facebook for any updates or any disruptions. 


Benefits KrunkFit, LLC Members and Drop-ins

      KrunkFit, LLC members and drop-in guest have the benefit picking up their orders at class! PLUS members receive a code for a special discount to use with each order!

Let's Work Together for The Best Version of You!

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